Before + After : Mafu


A lot of heart and soul go into the botanical face and body products that Bonnie Juma crafts, and a lot of wisdom and know-how have come with 10 years of making. But Bonnie's business needed a boost. Her business name—BJ Naturals—and branding were not communicating her experience and passion.

The name, a play on the words "made for you," came easily: MAFU. Products filled with goodness & beauty, made by Bonnie, just for you. Then came the branding.

Working with the Aeolidia team, I designed a logo, collateral and packaging that elevates her brand. The look is still fresh, organic and warm, but it is also polished and professional, giving her customers—new and trusted alike—confidence in her products. 


If you'd like help refreshing your business's branding or creating a new identity, please get in touch. Telling your brand's story would be my pleasure.