Project Peek : Blaze + Wander

The stars aligned when I got to design branding for blaze + wander, a new children's fashion and lifestyle company started by Sarah Yasukochi. Sarah says: "blaze + wander was inspired by my kids, Ty + Ayla. It’s what I wish for them and what they and all young adventurers ignite in me: To blaze trails with intention and purpose, while always taking time to step off the beaten path, to breathe and get a little lost along the way." 

A little bohemian and a little bit modern, blaze + wander's mission immediately sparked in me about a zillion ideas. I zeroed in on branding that emphasizes the adventures and journeys that the young bohemians take. Whether basking in the sun or guided by stars, blaze + wander is there with its customers every step of the way. 

The blaze + wander business cards and packaging tape make good use of the iconography I created. Sarah also does an amazing job with the business's instagram.

If you'd like help designing your business's branding or creating a new product, please get in touch. Telling your brand's story would be my pleasure.

Branding designed by Darling Studio for Aeolidia