The Story Behind the Silhouette

There are some famous photos in our family. You know, the ones that everyone remembers—the ones that reveal an entire history. The photo above is a famous one. I look at it, and my childhood comes flooding back to me. 

As many creatives know, branding your own business is sometimes the hardest task. When I went freelance over 10 years ago, the name Darling Studio just stuck. And when it came time to pair the name with a logo, the idea of a silhouette just fit. They weren't so trendy back then, and the aesthetic matched my sweet design style at the time. Plus, I had this family history. 

People often think that the silhouette in my logo was drawn from a childhood photo, but I was actually 29 years old when I traced it! I was still wearing my hair in pigtails. 

I have been tracing our own family's history and progress with silhouettes. These Thank You notes were drawn when Henry was about 3 and Maira 1. The rubber stamp below was updating a couple of years later. Now that my kids are nearly 7 and 5, it is probably time for another update.