Printable Heart Balloon "Love is in the Air" Valentines

My kids are becoming a couple of my favorite clients. Henry and Maira's needs are simple and clear, and their feedback is honest and direct. And the projects...well, they are always just plain fun.

Both are still at the age where they exchange valentines at school, which means we need to put together 50+ valentines. Of course, I could go the storebought route—but making a craft project out of it is fun for them. And coming up with the right kind of craft—something they can easily do over & over again without complaining or losing steam—is fun for me. 

This year, after a little bit of research I decided we'd do heart-shaped balloons with a simple, sweet message. Because who doesn't love balloons? One of the challenges as the designer for 4- and 6-year-olds is keeping the final product easy to read but also easy on the eyes. When Henry and Maira saw the final product, I got instant approval. I got paid in hugs and kisses, which is another reason they're at the top of my client list.

MAKE YOUR OWN: Download the PDF here. Print & cut the cards. Add balloons with washi tape. Enjoy!


This project was inspired by Oh Happy Day and Sugarland