now showing : my interview on creative thursday

My friend Marisa inspires me. She is not only wildly creative but she is kind, courageous, thoughtful and thought-filled. Any time we hang out we talk for hours and hours—we even got parking tickets one late night because we’d lost track of time.

So when she asked if Rama and I would participate in her new web series Creative Thursday, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I knew it promised good, honest conversation about one of my favorite topics: Living a creative life. 

Today our episode airs. As I write this post, I haven’t yet watched it, but I know we talked a lot about our jobs as a designer (me), as an art teacher (Rama) and as parents (both of us)—and what it’s like to do what we do every day. I know there were a lot of laughs, too.

I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy! The other episodes feature some wonderful artists, designers, makers and shakers too, and there’s so much good food for thought.

Illustration by Rama Hughes