40 Good Things

My 40th birthday is this weekend, and to celebrate I'm doing something good. 40 good things, actually.

I've made a list of 40 things that can bring joy to myself and the people around me, and I'm going to try to do them all before year's end. These things might be tiny tasks or they may involve a grand plan. They may take 30 seconds or span a whole weekend. They may involve a stranger, a friend, a family member or myself (because I deserve a little kindness, too!). One thing's for sure, though: They are gonna be good.

40 Good Things

Give someone else a present
Pay 5 strangers compliments
Leave 10 lucky pennies on the pavement
Leave 15 comments on social media
Send 20 postcards to friends

Leave 25 love notes in the world
Write in my journal for 30 minutes
Give $35 to a charity
Take a 40 minute nap
Do every good thing that presents itself that day

Write a letter to someone you admire
Bake cookies for a neighbor
Cook Rama's favorite dinner
Spend one hour of uninterrupted Henry time
Spend one hour of uninterrupted Maira time

Let Rama sleep in
Make a mixed CD and give it away
Let the person behind me cut in front of me at checkout
Take my mom out to lunch
Treat myself to a massage

Help a new mom
Ask a stranger how his/her day is going
Offer a Mac tutoring session to Mom & Dad
Donate things I don't need to Good Will
Give spare change to the next person who asks for it (if no one does, put it in our travel piggy bank)

Buy coffee for the person behind me in line
Bring treats to the kids’ teachers
Make lunch for Rama (put a love note in it)
Write a thank you note to a former teacher
Feed someone who could really use a meal

Forgive someone
Apologize to someone
Make someone laugh
Reach out to a friend who may be struggling
Send a random friend flowers

Tip someone generously
Give Rama a back rub (don't time it)
Go one day without complaining
Go one day without gossiping
Call a family member just to say "Hi"


Care to join me? Follow along here or on Instagram, where I'll post about it from time to time. I'll use the hashtag #40goodthings.