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“From the first conversation with Christine, I knew that Darling Studio understood my brand and would be a tremendous value in the development of Vigilante Paper. I feel grateful to know I have someone so talented whom I can trust to get the job done—on time, beautifully, and with 100% professionalism."  —  OLIVIA SUCHMAN JOFFREY


about darling studio

Hi. I'm Christine Castro Hughes, and I run Darling Studio. I offer a fresh and friendly approach to branding and creative direction. Since 2005, Darling has collaborated with clients across the globe, crafting unique identities and launching compelling websites. My work has garnered praise for combining delightful details with smart design.

Darling clients often come to me with the seed of an idea and leave with a living, breathing brand. I have been told by clients that I've helped them realize their dreams. And that's pretty wonderful, because helping people is one of my dreams come true.

I partner with a talented pool of photographers, expert printers and skilled web developers who contribute to our project successes along the way. I work best with nice, like-minded clients who are passionate about what they do. Here’s a list of available services:

Website Design
User Interface Design
Blog Design
Email Marketing
Small Business Consulting

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Logo Design
Print Collateral


About Christine

I love color, simplicity, and a good cup of coffee. I have chronicled my life online for over 15 years, first on Webby-nominated and now here. My work has been featured in national publications, including An Illustrated LifeLittle Book of Letterpress, and Desire to Inspire. 

While I'm proud of my creative accomplishments, I'm convinced that my best work to date is my darling family—my amazing husband, Rama, and our two charming children, Henry and Maira. Their creativity and energy inspires me. We live, work, and play together in sunny Los Angeles.


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